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"A photographic journey through the Atlantic Forest and its peoples."

By raising funds from the Culture Incentive Law and private resources, producing a Book of Photos that will compose a visual history of the Atlantic Forest. Through the work of producing artistic images of nature, wildlife and forest peoples, in 30x30 cm format, also with historical collection, infographics and images already produced by the author himself over the last 3 years on expeditions to the remnants of the Atlantic Forest contemplating the fauna, flora and landscapes. The book proposes a journey to each of the subsystems that make up the biome in order to create a narrative of nature through the shapes, colors, facts, and information that make up the history of the biome's evolution in order to reconnect the viewer with their memory. nature and raise questions about the urgent need to maintain conservation and sustainable development efforts for forests and their peoples for the sake of future generations.


Portraits, Fragments and Reminiscences of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest